Restylane Lyft® and Radiesse® are injectable, purified substances that can improve the appearance of deeper wrinkles, lift and restore the volume loss of the mid face, which occurs naturally with age. The result can be a significantly more youthful and refreshed appearance. These fillers can also can be used to re-shape certain anatomic features and to correct irregular facial contours and asymmetries. Patients can undergo filler procedures without significant interruption to work or daily activities, with typical recovery periods of only 3-5 days.  Because significant swelling and bruising are possible, we do not recommend scheduling a filler procedure within 7-10 days of an important social event.  The list of available fillers is rapidly expanding, enabling dermatologists to tailor the filler material to the individual`s needs and desires.

Radiesse® is a calcium hydroxyapatite-based filler. This filler material is based on an inorganic material containing calcium, similar to bone. The product is moldable and composed of microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. Radiesse is useful for the nasolabial folds and to address lipoatrophy (soft tissue volume loss) of the cheeks. Radiesse® filler can last up to 12-18 months.

Restylane Lyft® is a newer, hyaluronic acid-based filler approved for volumizing and lifting sagging cheeks. Restylane Lyft® effects can last approximately 12 months.

Permanent fillers include Artefill® and purified silicone. Because of the potential risk of permanent complications, practitioners at Insight Dermatology do not administer or recommend the use of permanent fillers.

 What are the risks of filler injections?

The use of soft tissue fillers is generally considered to be safe and effective when carried out by a knowledgeable, experienced practitioner. When you are electing to undergo any procedure, including the injection of filler, you should familiarize yourself with the associated risks. The risk profile differs somewhat, based on which filler is selected and the injection site.
Possible risks and complications include pain, bleeding, bruising, swelling, redness, infection, allergic reactions, formation of nodules under the skin, migration of injected material, cold sores, permanent scarring, blurry vision and blindness.  Inform your doctor of any history of cold sores prior to obtaining filler near the lips.

What can I expect after my filler procedure?

There may be some mild discomfort of the injected area for a day or so after filler injection.  Bruising and swelling are usually minor and typically resolve within 2-5 days, though significant bruising and swelling can last up to 7-10 days.

The use of fillers for facial rejuvenation can greatly enhance an individual`s healthy and youthful appearance. Consult your dermatologist to help you determine which filler product would be most appropriate for you.